Bud Scheffel is a world class professional artist specializing in the construction of kinetic sculptures, mobiles, stabiles, and custom commission work. He has had over 1000 successful exhibitions to his credit and is an award winning artist that continues to expand his vision of contemporary art. Bud is recognized as one of the top mobile designers in the country and has been featured on all social media platforms, and a variety of published articles and TV broadcasts for nearly 40 years. 


"My fabrication process is very complex. Kinetic sculpture and mobile design must be approached with analytics in addition to the creative process. I must factor in math and physics principles along with the design composition of the sculpture.


First, every sculpture gets a series of sketches to get the ball rolling in my head. After I have a direction, and a drawing I like, then I'll start getting the graphic elements together by way of welding, cutting, bending, and balancing multiple components until I have enough to work with. 

The next step is the fun part. It is also the most crucial. Now the prefabrication of the kinetic sculpture unfolds by way of a mini prototype. At this stage I must study and experiment on the ways and means of how it will function and move. This is the most exciting part of the process. Here, I get to choose the final direction as I get ready to make the full scale model. After the prototype is complete, then I'll transfer the math, physics, and design principles and formulas to a full size sculpture via rescale."