In  NY Studio 2020

Bud Scheffel is a world class professional artist specializing in the construction of kinetic sculptures, mobiles, stabiles, and custom commission work. He has had over 1000 successful exhibitions to his credit. and is an award winning artist that continues to expand his vision of contemporary art. Bud is recognized as one of the top mobile designers in the country and has been featured on mall social media platforms, and a variety of published articles and TV broadcasts for nearly 40 years.

His career started in New York City in 1980 as a physics, math, and commercial art student. He traveled the world extensively living throughout Europe and Asia, where he was inspired by the architecture and the beauty of the natural world. Buds body of work has been showcased in the 

Smithsonian Institution, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Chicago Botanical Garden and a broad range of other nationally recognized art establishments. He has been commissioned to create and install large scale industrial projects throughout the United States..

Famous for his meticulous and imaginative designs, it is no surprise that his background in science is applied to each of his original works of art. The extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering has led Bud to create a vast array of award winning kinetic sculptures which are collected by art enthusiasts from around the world. Bud Scheffel has exhibited, and sold his contemporary innovative mobiles in all fifty states in a career spanning four decades.